A Small Book
About Suicide


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“A Small Book About Suicide” is for those who are grieving over the loss of someone who suicided.


I’ve written something that I hope will give you comfort during this heartbreaking time. There are so many emotions to navigate in the post suicide slipstream and those feelings don’t run to a schedule or make sense to someone that hasn’t shared the experience of suicide bereavement.

I’m Fiona Jefferies and I’ve lost someone I loved dearly to suicide. After taking up too much real estate in my head over the years, I wanted to share what helped me through the grief (therapy, hugs and rock n’ roll) and what didn’t (consulting a tarot reader in a suburban shopping centre).


I’ve made this book a free* PDF E-book download that you can access by putting in your first name and email address. Your details are safe. I would never spam you with offers to buy an ab-blaster or a 10” figurine of our lord and saviour Trent Reznor. It might mean you get a very occasional blog but you can opt out any time and I won’t be offended. I’m offended about socks with Crocs but I’d never take offence at opting out of newsletters to create more space in your life.


I’m sending you love, strength and the songs of Nine Inch Nails to help you navigate the suicide slipstream. There’s life beyond the mourning after.


*Why is the PDF E-Book a free? download Well, when I was in the aftermath of suicide, I could barely raise myself off the couch to even eat. I figure that someone who is in most need of this book probably doesn’t need to find their credit card or remember their PayPal password. I also wanted to pay forward the same love and kindness I was shown my so many people – both from people I knew and those who were strangers and helped me through my most vulnerable and raw time.


You can also buy a print-on-demand version here if you want a physical copy to hold in your cute paws.


About me:

When I’m not penning thigh slapper about suicide, I’m running an all-female design and construction firm Diva Works, from Sydney, Australia. I tolerated well-loved for my epic bitching about getting up early to row on the Lane Cove River at 5.10am, baking slutty brownies and worshipping at the Church of Rock n’ Roll.


I also go crazy over dachshunds.


If you’d like to share your thoughts on “A Small Book About Suicide” or if it helped you in any way, I’d love to hear it.


Reach me at Fiona@fionajefferies.com.au

You can also buy a print-on-demand version